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2CD Digibook

Premier league Black Metallers Behemoth have their early albums re-issued following the success of last year’s monstrous ‘Demigod’ opus.
The most controversial Behemoth album! The only one on which Polish lyrics, female vocals, acoustic guitars and synthesizers can be found. By the time this record was released the band started to be recognized outside the underground scene, by touring for the first time in Europe, during which they gained valuable their stage and esteem among growing numbers of their fans. This record is considered to be a milestone from one of world’s best and most popular Black Metal bands around.
1. Intro
2. Dark Forest (cast me your spell)
3. Spellcraft and Heathendom
4. Dragon’s Lair (cosmic flames and four barbaric seasons)
5. Lasy Pomorza
6. Thou Shatt Forever Win
7. Grom

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