Intro 02:37
A Vigília Fúnebre 06:09
A Reza da Tristeza 07:26
Barranco do Velho 07:17
Mortuária Procissão 03:07
A Eterna Dança da Morte 06:19
No Encalço da Lua Negra 07:44
DEFUNTOS are back and invite you over to join the eternal dance of death (A Eterna Dança da Morte)! The newest masterpiece of this Portuguese band leaves no desire unfulfilled: cutting guitars, monotonous drums and a voice sounding like the Portuguese black counterpart to the Argentinian in the white robe. 
DEFUNTOS create an atmosphere of death and show the limits of life by taking the listener on an aural trip through the Capela dos Ossos (The Bone Chapel) in Portugal. The world of DEFUNTOS is cloaked in a dense grey fog. But there are many tinges of grey, reflected in the heaviness of the songs that slowly spreads over the listener. This is created by the pulsating melodies of the bass guitar in combination with the rhythms of the powerful drums. 
DEFUNTOS offer (active since 2005) a high quality consistency in their releases and create a morbid and unique mood through the nostalgic sound of their Doom and Black Metal creations no other band could ever compete with. So let’s follow DEFUNTOS into a forgotten world of reminiscence where time stands still. 
Every release of this band spreads out the black poison within the crowd of fans, but ‘A Eterna Dança da Morte’ is the cup of hemlock of the Black/Doom Metal subgenre. DEFUNTOS’ six songs and the intro have been composed and recorded in-between 1915 and 1916. February 1916 gave the final polishes to the sound in the Empty Hall studios in Spain.

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